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World Mahjong Tour Announces its Celebrity Invitational Televised Tournament

Hong Kong (PRWEB) June 10, 2008 -- (www.worldmahjongtour.com) - World Mahjong Tour (WMT), a leading Asia focused gaming media company announced the start of its Celebrity Invitational this year from June 9th to June 13th in Hong Kong, which will be available for full television distribution and broadcasted throughout Asia and the world. Celebrities and top ranked professional Mahjong players will be coming from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States to compete in this inaugural event. Winners of this event will help raise over $230,000 HKD in donations to the Red Cross benefiting the Sichuan earthquake disaster.

"We are very excited about our first Mahjong television event which has many known celebrities from Asia participating," said Pierre Wuu and David Wang, World Mahjong Tour Founders. "We feel bringing the sport of Mahjong to television will allow us to create the phenomenal effect of what TV did for the sport of Poker worldwide and WMT is in the best position to capitalize on this."

The following is the list of 16 participants of the event:

Hong Kong Celebrities

William Hung - Singer

Nadia Chan - Actor/Singer

Wong Mei-Wa - TV Hostess

Lau Sek Ming - Actor

China Celebrities

Edell - Singer

Luo Zhong Xu - Singer

Gao Hu - Actor

Yip Sai Wing - Drummer for the group Beyond

Taiwan Celebrities

Xu Nai Lin - TV Host

Ada Pan - TV Hostess

Jessie Cheung - Actress

Joyce Chui - Actress

Mahjong Professionals

Maria Ho - USA

Dragon Chang - TW

Rickael Cheung - HK

Song Ping - CHN

This tournament will produce 12 episodes for Season One of the World Mahjong Tour. Creators of the World Mahjong Tour will utilize their past experience from the World Poker Tour (NASDAQ:WPTE) to bring excitement to televised Mahjong as it has never been seen before. Technologies such as the "Tile Eye" will be used to foresee players' upcoming Mahjong tiles before they are actually drawn. WMT will also use propriety software to calculate winning percentages for each player at specific points throughout the game. With these new features and technologies, WMT will enhance the overall production and allow the expert commentators to give in-depth analysis and tutorial advice, bringing the game of Mahjong to an entire new level.




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